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What to Do When Your Keys Are Stolen?


Sometimes people lock their keys in their vehicle. It is a fact of life, along with numerous other things, that can be benefited by the knowledge of what to do. Getting a roadside assistance program can be helpful in case your keys are locked in your vehicle, but also in case you need a tow or your battery dies. Most people have locked themselves out of their vehicles at one time in their life, at least. Even more of a hassle than this, however, is having your car keys stolen. Keeping a level head and taking the steps in this article can help you not only gain peace of mind but also deal with the situation quickly and efficiently.

People have different emotions when it comes to having their car keys stolen. For some people, it is a minor inconvenience that simply needs to be dealt with. Other people find they are nervous about the nightmare that has happened to them. This worry can be compounded by a person’s house keys being on the same key ring as their key. There are simple ways to help protect yourself if your vehicle keys have been stolen. First, take note if your vehicle registration or insurance card is in the vehicle. If this or other identifying information is in your vehicle, the person who stole your car keys may be able to find out where you live. It is recommended to keep your vehicle registration and car insurance on you, rather than in the glove box of your car.

What To Do If Your Car Keys Have Been Stolen?

Some of the things people need to be aware of are what to do after a situation like this happens. First, contact the police authority in the area and let them know that your automobile keys have been stolen. They will ask you to fill out a police report, and you should provide as much detail as possible and it. Think about who could be motivated to steal your vehicle keys. The more information you can give, the easier it is for the police to do their investigation. It is likely that the officer in charge of taking your police report will advise you to take certain safety precautions to help protect yourself, your house, and your vehicle if it is with you.

After filing a police report, look into whether or not your insurance company will provide replacement locks as part of your auto insurance coverage. You may also need to contact your homeowner’s insurance company to ask them about replacing your locks at your house. Sometimes insurance providers cover the costs of lock replacement, but in other cases, they may not. Contacting them and asking is the only way to know for sure. You can also look at your car insurance policy if you have a copy of it in its entirety.

What To Do If You Lost Your Car Keys?

For people who have lost their car keys, the process might be different. You should first search the immediate area you are in, as well as places that you have gone in the last period of time since you have used your vehicle. Also, take some time to check your vehicle. Look under your seats, between scenes, in the trunk if you have used it recently, in your ignition, and in your key locks. Many people simply misplaced their vehicle keys and can find them fairly quickly.

If you have still not found your vehicle keys, take a moment to get your car information together. Write down what kind of key you have lost, including whether it is a traditional key, a keyless entry remote, or transponder key. If you are going to a dealership to get a replacement key, you will need to provide them with information to get the appropriate key made. A vehicle's VIN can be essential to doing this. Some of the information you need will be found on your insurance cards or the registration card for your vehicle.

Select a car dealership or locksmith. Each of these has advantages and disadvantages to them. For older vehicles, calling a locksmith will often be a person’s best bet. Because of the more advanced technology in newer vehicles, going to a dealership may be a better option if you own one of these. Some keys in newer vehicles are very intricate and complex, and not all locksmiths have the ability to tackle the creation of a new key. Also, look into the reliability and the cost of creating a new key. Sometimes it is more efficient to create a few keys, and it is always nice to have a spare. 

How to Prevent Your Car Keys Being Stolen?

Preventing your car keys from being stolen can be done in a few easy steps. Having a designated place for your keys can be a fantastic idea. Many people use systems that keep track of where their keys are using GPS. Some people choose to hang their keys up next to their door. Having a designated place for them is important, but keep in mind that if they are visible from a window easily, they may be stolen by somebody by simply opening your door and grabbing them. Take care to have a place for them in your home that is out of the site range of your windows.

Do I Need To Change My Locks?

If you suspect that you have lost your car keys, you do not need to change your locks straight away. If there is a chance that your car keys have been stolen, and you do not recover them, changing her locks can be a smart plan. If your auto insurance provider covers these locks changes, filing a claim can be a good idea. It is possible for a person to create copies of the vehicle key before it is recovered, changing locks is vital. This is much easier to do with the appropriate information, but even the VIN on your vehicle is often accessible and visible from the outside. 

Many auto insurance providers give coverage for replacement locks, but you will need to have filled out a police report to take advantage of this coverage. Contact the police as soon as you know your keys have been stolen. You do not need to contact the police if you have lost your keys and not spent time looking for them yet. By taking the appropriate steps, a situation that could be even more stressful is less stressful overall.

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