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Do You Need Insurance On a Car If You Don’t Drive It?


Many people are surprised about how many vehicles are in the United States that are not being used to drive. This could be because they are broken down, but in many situations, it is simply because they are in storage, or the person is traveling out of the country for a significant period. Whether it is sitting in your driveway, garage, or at a friend's house, you may be wondering whether or not your vehicle is required to have automobile insurance if it is not being used for a time. Some people are curious as to whether or not they should get additional coverage to protect their vehicle beyond the minimum limits required if they are not even driving it. Whether your car is a convertible, an older truck, or motorcycle, you might need to have an insurance policy on it even if you are not driving it.

In most cases, state law requires registered vehicles to carry a minimum legal amount of car insurance. This means that as long as the vehicle is registered, and that the registration is active, the vehicle would be required to have insurance on it. You will need to cancel your registration in order to not be required to have an insurance plan. Keep in mind, however, that in some cases, a person who has not had a valid car insurance policy for more than 30 days could be placed into the high-risk category and pay more when they sign up for auto insurance policies again. Sometimes getting the lowest possible amount of car insurance available will prevent these increases when you go to purchase a policy again.

How Comprehensive Only, or “Comp Only” Insurance Coverage Works

Even if your vehicle is not registered and you choose not to get the minimum limits for car insurance on it, it may be a good idea to get a comprehensive only insurance coverage plan. This is a popular plan for people who are not driving theit vehicles. It is much cheaper than full coverage insurance but protects you financially in cases of natural disasters, theft, vandalism, and weather-related damages as well. Sometimes an auto insurance provider will only issue a policy if your vehicle is being stored for at least six months; however, something to keep in mind.

Storage Needs To Be Locked To Count As “Storage”

What auto insurance companies mean when they say a vehicle needs to be stored is that it needs to be in some sort of locked storage area. Storing it in your driveway or backyard provides an increased risk for your vehicle, which the car insurance agencies are aware of. 

Comp only insurance on a vehicle does not satisfy the minimum requirements for driving on public roads legally. This means you will have harsh penalties if you attempt to drive your vehicle and are caught. Each state has different requirements for auto insurance coverage, with most requiring some sort of liability coverage, and others requiring uninsured motorist coverage, Personal Injury Protection, and other coverages as well. Comprehensive insurance coverage also does not cover you with collision protection.

You Can Insure A Car For Someone Else To Drive While Excluding Yourself From The Policy

In some cases, you might not be driving your vehicle, but someone else’s. Even if you are a licensed driver, but are keeping your vehicle for another person, you can exclude yourself as a driver on the auto insurance plan you are buying and still purchase the policy under your name. This is not something that happens often, and you will need to contact your auto insurance carrier to do it. They will generally want more information about why you would like to do this, and they may also ask whether you have a valid driver's license. Also, they will inquire about who the primary driver of the vehicle is.

What If Nobody Is Driving The Car For Months

If your vehicle is not being kept in storage and is just an extra vehicle that nobody will be driving for a few months, you will still be required to keep liability insurance on your vehicle. If anyone needs to drive the vehicle at any point, even if there are months in between when it gets driven, liability coverage will be required, as well as other insurance coverages mandated by your state. Without a valid insurance policy, the vehicle's registration will become invalid as well, and you will not be able to legally drive that vehicle. In order to be registered, your vehicle must be insured.

It is possible for people to save money by removing full coverage insurance from their vehicles. This can include comprehensive insurance and collision insurance coverage. Comprehensive insurance is not required, but it is often a good idea to have, even if your car is not being driven. Regardless of what amounts of insurance you are looking to purchase, DriverInsurance gives free quotes from the top auto insurance providers. This allows you to get the best prices for car insurance available in your area. Start getting free quotes and saving money using the tools here now.

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